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The world’s first FREE gaming platform with REAL cash prizes!

Time till launch

EUR 6m
Softcap in 77 days
EUR 60m

What is FreeCash?

Casino games with REAL cash prizes are now FREE

The FreeCash Online Casino does not allow anyone to deposit any cash or crypto, but instead allows players to use crypto-currency mining to generate gaming credits. Players can then freely gamble their gaming credits to amass fortunes!

We are working with world leading gaming provider Twelve40 to provide industry leading games to players – but for free!

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A new type of mining pool

Every smart phone, every desktop, and every laptop can mine CPU coins. Even your Grandma’s.

The FreeCash Online Casino plugs directly into the FreeCash Mining Pool – providing the most user friendly mining interface ever! Specifically designed to allow non-crypto users to join and access the ecosystem without requiring them to understand what mining is. Players simply access our gaming platform and get started.

Game credits become amazing things

The FreeCash Wallet is the gateway to PRIZE’s

Players earn game credits by mining CPU coins like Monero, and Electroneum for the FreeCash mining pool. Their gaming wallets maintain how many credits they own. They then redeem their game credits for PRIZE tokens which can be held in their managed game wallets, or – for the more advanced crypto enthusiast – sent to their ERC20 wallets!

What is Prize?

The PRIZE token is an advertising and in-app purchase utility token

Players cash out of their winnings with the PRIZE token, using it to exchange for rewards, products and services. Alternatively they can transfer the PRIZE token to their own wallets and convert it to other cryptocurrencies.

Advertisers burn PRIZE tokens

Players want rewards, rewards require advertisers, advertisers want players

To gain access to FreeCash users, advertisers need to use the PRIZE token. Advertisers will bid for access to the limited advertising slots available in the game using the tokens. All successful bids result in the burning of PRIZE tokens. When players redeem prizes, they exchange PRIZE tokens with the advertiser for their reward!


October - November 18
Company incorporated, Bank accounts in place, ICO regulated by Malta VFA
March - June 2019
Build and launch FreeCash proprietary mining pool, Acquire 1m players on the platform
2019 -2020
Continue customer acquisition, Add additional games onto platform,
November 18 - March 19
First stable version gaming product released, Obtain 100k users
Acquire 2 million players engaged on the platform Close funding and release tokens

Token Distibution

  • Team - 15%

  • Advisors - 5%

  • Public Sale - 6%

  • Tier 3 - 12%

  • Tier 2 - 14%

  • Tier 1 - 7%

  • Pre-Sale - 9%

  • Private - 32%

Distribution of Funds from ICO

  • Reserves - 7.61%

  • Administration - 0.13%

  • Community - 6%

  • Product R&D - 21.4

  • Operations - 30.9 %

  • Legal - 1.97%

  • Marketing - 32 %

The Team